Sinan Mercenk – Moments On Earth | 29th of september 2006

Sinan Mercenk Moments On EarthSinan Mercenk Moments On Earth: his debut album! Sinan’s journey through life and his many travels around the world have influenced this album to a huge extent: Lounge-, Electronica- and Down-Beat pieces show the variety in his understanding of music. His roots near the Bosporus, the influences of the Balearic Islands and the lively club scene of Hamburg have put a stamp on his music. Furthermore, inspirations from Detroit, Chicago, Paris or London have been woven into the sounds of this album. Great chill-out sounds, which make every sunset on Ibiza seem even sweeter, beautifully breathy words, precise breakbeats mixed with oriental instruments and atmospherical sounds which were sampled all over the world. In short: a very sensual collection of impressions from all over the world which are a perfect documentation of how well orient and oxident can harmonize in music.

Have a seat near the pool, light up your Shisha and let yourself be carried away around the world …

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01. Tinan
02. 99 Reasons
03. Moments On Earth
04. He Say
05. Let The Music Take Control
06. In My Mind
07. France
08. You Are…
09. Teach Me…
10. About Love
11. Dost
12. Turkish Delight
13. Your Heart
14. Yol
15. And Baby
16. Pray

Artist: Sinan Mercenk
Title: Moments On Earth
Releasedate: 29th of september 2006
Format: CD and Online
Label: ideedeluxe records | LC: 23315

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Album-Promotion 2006
Press, radio, and online by idee deluxe

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