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Music Promotion - idee deluxe

Music Promotion

We offer press work and promotional services in the TV, print, radio and online segments to artists and labels which are based individually upon their needs. We develop marketing strategies with you while adhering to a prescribed budget, acquire cooperation partners from the media landscape & industry and support them in the increasingly exciting world of music cross-marketing.

Corporate Music CDs - idee deluxe

Corporate Music CDs

Develop a high-quality, particularly sustainable and long-term advertising measure for your company with us and combine the emotionality of music with your label and your products. The conceivable deployment options are very diverse: Whether as a giveaway, as an add-on to a product, as an on-pack publication in a magazine, for sale in one’s own branch offices, in the classical sound carrier retail shop or online.

Sound Design, Musikproduktion - idee deluxe

Sound Design

In this area, we offer music products and order compositions for advertising and film. A service for labels, music and melodious worlds which we also refer to in short form as: Sound design because the selection of music determines what values of your label are acoustically developed and conveyed. It determines the “style” group to which you are appealing and can even redefine and supplement this.

Artist Booking - Exklusive Events

Artist Booking

We book artists for exclusive events, galas, fashion shows, trade fairs, etc. from quite diverse genres and segments. Our DJs, artists and bands are able to create a dramaturgy for the entire evening and have perfectly mastered their craft. From lounge to dance, house, the current charts and pop, to R&B, funk, rock or party classics, they are guaranteed to strike the right note for your event.

Our agency specialises in PR, the promotion of music & artists, corporate music CDs, cross-marketing, sound design and the booking of artists. On all our projects, we strive to provide the absolute highest-quality service based upon our love and passion for music and the world of labels and thus to obtain the best results. This is what idee deluxe stands for. Thus, before you invest time in your label or your artists and search for solutions, you should contact us. We will provide you with really hot ideas and realise your projects.