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The selection of music defines significantly which values of a label, a location or an event are acoustically developed and conveyed. It determines the “style” group to which you are appealing and can supplement or even redefine this. Thus, music is not only an emotional stylistic element, but rather forms brand profiles in a targeted manner.

We offer a service for labels, music and melodious worlds which ranges from classical music order production to the creation of sound concepts to the licensing of titles for advertising and film. We also refer to this service in short form as: Sound design and sound profiling.

Our goal is always the perfect harmony of sound, imagery and the overall concept. For us, one thing is certain: There is no mood which cannot be illustrated with music.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to keep silent.” (Victor Hugo)


An individual image song is today an essential component of the overall corporate identity. Our team of sound designers will give your company or product a music label home which will be able to emotionally support the advertising messages: Whether in a TV/radio spot, on the Internet, in image films, in multi-media presentations, at trade fair appearances or in telephone waiting loops.


The corporate sound logo, specially tailored to your label, offers an acoustical supplement to your visual corporate identity. The merging of your two-dimensional company logo with the acoustical components will produce an audio-visual company portrait. It replaces or supplements the visual variant there which, for example, cannot be seen.

Music Concepts | Background Music

Roll out the sound carpet for your customers! We create sound profiles for sales floors, fashion shows, hotels, lounges and trade fairs with a precise selection of music titles and DJ mixes which are tailored to the target group. Our challenge? Decoupling the space and time from their actual dimensions and measurements and interlacing them qualitatively with acoustical emotions.


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