RELAX FIVE highest entry on the German Sales Charts!

Relax Five CoverThe brand new Blank & Jones artist album RELAX Edition Six. Blank & Jones deliver the soundtrack for the summer of 2011 with 25 brandnew tunes including reworks of their legendary recordings After Love and Heartbeat. As usual you will find the Double CD in a Deluxe Box with one disc full of laidback chill out tunes and the second one is inspired by those bar and beach hours before you head to a fantastic club night.

Today the release entered the highest news position on the German Sales Charts: # 15!


RELAX Charthistory
RELAX Edition Five    (june 2010)    # 15
RELAX Edition Four   (april 2009)   # 26
RELAX Edition Three (march 2007)  # 74
RELAX Edition Two    (may 2005)    # 45
RELAX Edition One   (april 2003)   # 24

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