Levitation hosts Klassik Lounge

Levitation Klassik Radio - Klassik LoungeLevitation have been offered the unique opportunity to host our own radio-show on Klassik Radio. The Klassik Lounge format has initially been created by DJ Jondal, one of Europe’s most famous DJs for Lounge and Chillout music. Levitation will be one of the new hosts of this great show, having their debut on friday, 3rd February. Their weekly mixes will be broadcasted weekly, every friday from 10:00 pm to 0:00 pm. Levitation are definitely doing our best to provide you, our listeners with the most chilly grooves and lushest vibes! You can listen to the show both via terrestrial & cable radio and the internet.


Levitation Online

Klassik Radio Online

Promotion: promotion@ideedeluxe.com

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