The Electro Vintage Revolution | Release 15th November 2013

EVR CoverVintage is in vogue, be it in fashion, movies, adverts or music. Never before earlier eras experienced such a global renaissance like it is happening nowadays! Regardless if you look at Electro Swing and Electro Blues, Digital Cumbia, Balkan Beats or Nuevo Tango – traditional musical genres and well known classics with a new electronic livery gain new fans on all continents, especially in the young generation of music lovers. Inspired by the successful CD series The Electro Swing Revolution that resulted from the co-operation ofthe DJs and musical editorsGülbahar KültürandJohannes Heretschwiththe stirring world music labelLola’s World Records in 2011, Johannes Heretsch developed the concept for the brand new compilation The Electro Vintage Revolution. DJ Louie Prima, passionately hunting for musical treasures, is hosting the world music radio show „Planet Sounds“ on Radio Alex Berlin 88,4 and Radio Corax (Halle/Saale) since the year 2000. After more than two years of research Louie Prima is finally presenting us with the findings of his surveys: Two CDs containing 32 (partly previously unreleased) musical jewels from 16 countries in Europe, America and Africa. Together with his fellow DJ Justin Fidèle, Louie Prima is organizing and hosting the Electro Swing Revolution party series that is taking place twice a month at Astra and Frannz Club in Berlin.

Electro Vintage Revolution Vol. 1
Releasedate: 15th November 2013
Format: CD and Online
Label: Lola‘s World Records

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Compilation Promotion 2013
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