MOCA „CABRIOLET“ | Release 20th April 2018

moca is back! With „cabriolet“ the foreman of a barrier free listening pleasure put their feet on the oor again. It is their third release after the worldwide impacting albums „Wroooooooooam“ (2003) and „Tempomat“ (2007) ELECTRONIC MUSIC- HANDMADE. Sorry, listeners, but the moca sound is uncategoriz-   …

Sinan Mercenk - Booking

Sinan Mercenk (DJ)

Sinan Mercenk’s style as DJ is in great demand for exclusive Galas, Events, Fashionshow, Lounges, beach clubs and big labels. „For me, there is only bad or good music”, he says, „I do not play the bad music”. It’s so simple to explain his secret to success. His taste of music.

Nikola Materne & Bossanoire - Jahreszeiten The Seasons change

Nikola Materne & Bossanoire (Live Band)

Nikola Materne & Bossanoire is a German musical collective led by musicians Nikola Materne and Jost Ziegner. Nikola’s band mates Axel Zinowsky, Caspar van Meel and Jochen Welle are combining their ‘German ness’ and ‘Artiness’ with 60’s bossa nova style arrangements by Jost Ziegner. Just like music for a cinema, made popular in France during the 60’s.

Fontaine Burnett

Fontaine Burnett (Singer-/Songwriter)

Fontaine Burnett’s first exposure to music came at an early age. His father, (a saxophonist who played in the Kansas City traditions of Jazz, Blues and R&B ) gave him his first opportunity to delve into musical expression. His earliest …

Dephazz Big Cover

De-Phazz – Big | released on 30th of january 2009

The seventh album, sort of like a „greatest hits“ cut of a special kind… all biggies in a fresh arrangement, recorded with the Radio BigBand of german public radio station HR… BIG for real. Artist: De-Phazz Album-Title: Big Album-relaese: 30. …