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sceen.fmThe world of the internet and of the electronic music has grown enormously in recent years. Worldwide there are more and more websites, blogs, web radio stations and platforms, which deal with electronic music and its culture. Producers, DJs, record labels, agencies and clubs take advantage of the digital world, the platforms, blogs and web radio stations to present themselves and to convey their music to fans and enthusiasts. Since 2010 there is a web radio from Germany, which is very successfully presented at the international level, and get encouragement from all over the world: The word sceen is a derivation of the word scene which is a promise to all lovers of electronic music. The promise is high quality! is specialized in the broadcasting of DJ mixes. In just two years it was able to integrate over 140 individual radio shows in his program. Shows from Bpitch Control, Traum, Planet E, Highgrade, Soma, 2020 Vision, Suol, Get Physical, Poker Flat, Dirt Crew, IDEAL or Kompakt can be found in the program as well as club and agency shows from around the world. has become an absolute top players in the DJ scene, and welcomed the 1.000.000 visitor at the beginning of 2012. The stream of the station is being heard in over 60 countries which made an important voice for a global subculture.
If you visit the website of, you can find an editorially clean, clear and modern side, which presents a lot of current music releases, events, videos and interviews.

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Mouse On Mars: It all adds up!

Douglas Greed (Freude am Tanzen): I like the opportunity to explore something new while browsing the site.

Bebetta (Peppermint Booking): has quickly established itself as an important platform for electronic music.

Cryptic Monkey (Smiley Fingers): I like it a lot and I‘m a great follower. I think it‘s great to have so many dj sets and news that enable the listeners to know what it‘s really happening in the jungle world of club culture. I‘m honored that my music can be listened on

John Digweed: Really like great schedule.

Mousse T.: Great. I like the station, the range of content and the quality standards. Keep up the good work.

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