Monophonic – M4 | released on 12th december 2010

Monophonic AlbumcoverArtist: Monophonic
Album-Title: M4
Single-Title: Somewhere The Music (Feat. Nadine Demetrio)
Album-release: 12. Dezember 2010
Single-release: 12. Dezember 2010
Format: Online
Label: Phazz-A-Delic | LC: 13500


HipPopiPodHop – as time goes by – nu times rule. It’s time for new music genre?!

01 Somewhere There’s Music (feat. Nadine Demetrio)
02 Don’t Make Me Want You (Monophonic Remix)
03 Your Special Place (feat. LaMeduza)
04 Postmodern Girl (feat. Nadine Demetrio)
05 I Looked At Clouds That Way
06 Digital Boy (feat. Nadine Demetrio)
07 The Hungry Mob (feat. Huckspin, Vince,
Mr. Boogie & DJ Deabolous)
08 Clap Your Hands (Monophonic Remix)
09 Communication Skit
10 Humanity (feat. La Meduza)
11 The Quest (M4 Edit)
12 82nd Street (Intro by Blowfly)

Monophonic Online

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Single- und Album-Promotion 2010
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