De-Phazz – Big | released on 30th of january 2009

Dephazz Big Cover The seventh album, sort of like a „greatest hits“ cut of a special kind… all biggies in a fresh arrangement, recorded with the Radio BigBand of german public radio station HR… BIG for real.

Artist: De-Phazz
Album-Title: Big
Album-relaese: 30. Januar 2009
Format: CD and Online
Label: Phazz-A-Delic | LC: 13500


1. The Mambo Craze
2. Jazz Music
3. Belle De Jour
4. Jim The Jin
5. Jeunesse Doree
6. Death By Chocolate
7. Something Special
8. Excoursion En Mer
9. Preachin’ To The Choir
10. Dummes Spiel
11. Heart Gallery
12. Jeunesse Dorée (Dub-Mix)

De-Phazz Online

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