Blank & Jones – RELAX Edition Four | 10th of april 2009

Relax Four Cover After 2 years in the making, Blank & Jones return with a glorious new relax album. the series which sold 75.000 copies of the first 3 editions now return with a fantastic 4th installment.
this time Blank & Jones invited some illustrious guests to join them on their trip into the relaxing world of chill out and downbeat music, but also to discover some of the finest in beach house and bar grooves. the uk superstars KEANE (recently no.1 in UK and various other countries with their new album) have collaborated with the guys for the fantastic song “try again”. danish living legends LAID BACK also join Blank & Jones on 3 songs and especially on happy dreamer. the lyrics point out what the whole idea of the relax series is all about. VANESSA DAOU from new york brings in erotica with her wonderful voice and lyrics. not to forget about all the beautiful instrumental mood tracks which Blank & Jones create. beside appearing 3 times on the world famous Café del Mar cd series, Blank & Jones have provided their relax music to well known brands like Buddha Bar, Café Ibiza and Milano Fashion. but still, the feeling of the complete relax album can never be replaced by a compilation. it is a very intense experience of moods, sounds and voices which is absolutely unique. it is a very personal affair and shows the outstanding skills of the three members Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones and Andy Kaufhold to capture the magic of those special moments in life where you are totally relaxed and happy. some of the worldwide famous supporters of the relax series are Ravin (Buddha Bar Paris), José Padilla, Chris Coco (BBC Blue Room), Pete Gooding (Mambo Café Ibiza), Niko Bellotto (Puro Beach Mallorca/ Marbella) and Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams) to name just a few.
for this summer you can also expect various radio specials, residencies in some of the world’s most famous sunset hot spots, plus special show appearances at Miami Winter Music Conference where Blank & Jones will play for the first time the legendary Giant Chill event and introduce their new album in the US. it takes place at the famous Delano Hotel which is designed by Philippe Stark. what a perfect place for RELAX! the new single Relax (Your Mind) which backs the album release features Jason Caesar from Atlanta on vocals. his voice reminds critics of superstars like Maxwell and Sade. while the radio and video mix takes you all the way to poolside chill, Ian Pooley created his own interpretation as well as Sinan Mercenk.
one for the summer for sure!

01. Face à la mer
02. Happy dreamer
03. Nuits blanches
04. Relax (your mind)
05. Chilled cream
06. Try again
07. Heart of wax
08. Smooth
09. Up 2 you
10. Blue moon
11. Pure
12. Consequences
13. Lullaby (Les yeux fermes)

01. Where you belong (Poolside House Mix)
02. Lazy life
03. Listen to my heartbeat
04. Butterfisch
05. Do it
06. El verano
07. Relax (your mind) (Boutique mix)
08. Fierce people
09. Beauty
10. Every day every night

Artist: Blank & Jones
Title: RELAX Edition Four
Releasedate: 10th of april 2009
Format: CD and Online
Label: Soundcolours | LC: 15651

Relax Edition Charthistory:
RELAX Edition Four (april 2009) # 26
RELAX Edition Three (march 2007) # 74
RELAX Edition Two (may 2005) # 45
RELAX Edition One (april 2003) # 24

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