A*STAR – Dodging Teardrops, Single Release VÖ 19.04.2013

While A*STAR is mysterious about his origins and true identity, it’s clear that this is an artist with chops. A talented singer-songwriter, multi-intrumentalist, producer and arranger, A*STAR is also an incredible showman who always delivers a memorable performance. A citizen of the world, this artist who defies categorization is interested in all forms of music and draws on the best of each one to create eclectic, distinctive pop limited only by his imagination. In 2011, A*STAR brought down the house with an incredible performance in Hollywood, California, during the MUSEXPO international conference. Decision makers from the entertainment industry, the hardest people to impress, are still talking about it…

It was after this performance that the artistic collaboration between A*STAR and the renowned songwriter, producer and DJ Lone Lebone (SoShy) was born. Writing sessions took place in the music capitals of Miami, Los Angeles and Paris, and resulted in the songs of A*STAR IS MY NAME, an album that will be launched internationally in spring 2013, thanks to a partnership between Sphere Musique, Frostbythe Media and Eone.

Key Facts

  •  He wrote or co-wrote and co-produced all songs on his album.
  •  He is an incredible performer: think Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mika, Jamiroquai, Lady Gaga, all rolled into one.
  •  He has played hundred’s of shows in his life, Clubs, Arenas, Theaters, TV shows and blew away the competition at the 2011 Musexpo in Los Angeles.
  • Plays bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, and obviously sings, and reads and writes charts and arrangements for symphonic orchestras, etc. He is the real thing and has the chops to garner respect from any other musician.
  • He opened for Maurane (Belgian star) in Quebec, and she asked him to open for her in Europe.

A*Star “Dodging Teardrops”
Single-Release: 19.04.2013
Label: Sphere Music
Vertrieb: Soulfood / KNM


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